Beach Soccer – FAQ

Beach Soccer FAQ

Q. How long are beach soccer games?
A. The beach soccer game is 36 minutes long. Three 12 minute periods.

Q. Are beach soccer balls different than regular soccer balls?
A. Yes. Beach soccer balls are made with a soft outer casing for greater comfort on bare foot and are usually treated
to be water resistant.

sand socksQ. What are beach soccer socks?
A. Beach soccer socks have a padded action flex sole that protects from hot, wet, and cold sand. and a little bit easier
on top of your foot when you take shots.

Q. How to train for beach soccer?
Beach soccer demands lots of training. Especially running,  sprinting, and ball control training like dribbling, passing,
shooting, weaving in and out of cones, two touch per foot: 
two touch per foot: outside the right side of your foot inside the left side of your foot. Repetition repetition repetition and you will get there.

Q. How do you play beach soccer?
A. Beach soccer is played like soccer, with a beach soccer ball, and two goals. Beach soccer  teams have 3 players and a goalie, it’s fast exciting and fun.

Q. Where to play beach soccer?
A. You can play in 60 countries – all over the world. Especially on beaches!

Q. Where did beach soccer originate?
A. Beach soccer started in Brazil and on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Q. Who invented beach soccer?
A. Beach football (or beach soccer) has been played informally on beaches for many years. Rules of the game became official in 1992 by founders of beach soccer worldwide. In April 1994, beach soccer was televised for the first time  on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Q. What to wear for beach soccer?
A. You can wear your own customized jersey, a t-shirt or tank top, some shorts and beach socks.Try to pick a lighter color shirt so you’re not so hot. Some players play barefoot.

Q. What is fifa beach soccer?
A. FIFA is federation international football Association. FIFA beach soccer World Cup is an international beach soccer competition.

Q. How often is the beach soccer world cup?
A. World Cup of Beach Soccer is every two years.

Q. When is the next beach soccer world cup?
A. Beach soccer World Cup 2017 is on the white beaches of the Bahamas.

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