Basic Guide to Choosing Cleats

Basic Guide to Choosing Great Soccer Boots

The classic soccer shoe with cleats/studs designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass, outdoor soccer fields. FG boots generally have a series of non removable rubber studs that are either bladed or conical shaped.

The boot is often the most important piece of your equipment you will choose, (but) remember this:

The boots don’t make the player. Every player has a different style and approach and position. Every game plays on a specific field type.

Your Boot & Your Position


Adidas Predator X Boots

The goalkeeper needs a boot that offers great traction and the ability to move quickly. He / She needs to move quickly both vertically and laterally. This boot will also help the keeper to be light on their feet for passing and kick-outs. I recommend adidas predator X  boots. They provide great traction, power and comfort for FG.


Adidas Messi 16+ FG

Forwards need a boot that offers a clean strike zone and light weight for explosive movement. Adidas Messi 16 + FG - is for forwards.

The different fields

FG = Firm Ground

SG = Soft Ground

AG = Artificial Ground

HG = Hard Ground

TF = Turf Field

IN = Indoor field

​AG Artificial Grass soccer shoes are similar to turf shoes. The cleat pattern is more spread out for enhanced traction and ball control on the new AG fields. They are very lightweight for fast strikes, darting cuts, and quick starts and stops.

​Soft ground boots have longer cleats for added traction on wet, muddy fields. SG cleats have metal tipped studs that may or may not be detachable.

AT artificial turf is about the same as HG hard ground. Also called MG multi ground - extremely durable rubber outsole with small rubber studs on the outsole to improve traction.

Cleats for HG have short studs, that are circular

and made of hard rubber. Most effective for

hard surfaces.


Adidas Performance Nitrocharge 3.0 Boots

Defensive players need a boot that offers more protection and very clean passing. Adidas Performance Nitrocharge 3.0 boots are a good choice for FG defensive players.

Adidas X.15.1-boots

Adidas X.15.1

Midfielders need a boot with total comfort providing the ability to run up and down the field for 90 minutes. The boots need to be lightweight for acceleration and quick direction changes. For wingers/midfielders, I like the Adidas X.15.1.

Indoor shoes

Indoor soccer boots usually have a gum rubber flat outsole. They are created for playing indoor soccer in a gym or indoor soccer facility. Also work for leisure and street wear.


Adidas Samba.Classic​

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