Soccer Ball Review

Outdoor Balls

Adidas 2015 MLS Nativo Official Ball - $ 150

This premium match ball is used in the champions league. The official MLS match ball.

Adidas 2016 MLS Nativo Official Ball - $114.99

This is a top match ball with perfect performance on the field. It has the highest FIFA rating. The seamless surface gives you more predictable trajectory. This ball is for the game, but it’s well priced. This is one of my favorites just for the quality and touch.

Adidas Performance Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball - $30.23

This ball is machine-stitched for maximum durability and long lasting performance. The Conex 15 has a butyl bladder so the ball retains it’s shape while staying fully inflated longer, making it a great choice for training, practice, and for the game. Excellent touch and very durable. Amazing ball for the price. I have experience with this ball,

it’s a good one.

This ball is suggested for all ages:

Size 3 for 8 and under

Size 4 for 8-12

Size 5 for 12+

Indoor Balls

select soccer ball

Select Indoor Speed Ball - $43.99

Select has made a very quick indoor ball. The cover is made of synthetic leather and felt for maximum speed. It's a good ball on turf or wood surfaces. The select ball will improve your foot work. Select is suggested for all ages: This ball is a challenge for training, I had a lot of fun with it. Recommended for adults. (Size 5)


Nike indoor soccer ball - $30

Great ball for indoor turf. 32 panel ball for superior durability, and excellent air shape retention.

Nike indoor soccer ball

Nike Duravel Indoor Soccer Ball - cost - $29.99

The perfect ball for turf or wood floors. This 32 panel ball is very fast. It has a machine stitched casing for durability and performance. Recommended for all ages, and very well priced. It’s easier to see this ball with it’s reflective elements.

Beach Balls

Puma beach soccer ball

Puma Beach football - Blue & Yellow - $17.99

The beach is fresh and the sun is hot. This 18 panel ball with the Big Cat logo, it has a soft foam underlay, so it has a very soft touch on your barefoot. You can’t beat the price for such a fun beach ball. Easy to kick. Easy to catch.

Adidas 2016 Euro Praia/Beach Match Ball

Adidas 2016 Euro Praia/Beach Match Ball cost - $26.95

This ball will really stand out on a beach, so it’s easy to track. You can spend all day developing your skills. It’s got the iconic adidas branding. Very durable for the power shots. Great touch, and soft on your feet. This is the game ball for the pros. As a keeper I was ready for big shots with this ball - there is no spin.

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