Being the Goalkeeper

Must-haves for Goalkeepers

I’m going to share with you some of the tools that I’ve used on the field in all my experience as a goalkeeper.

goalkeeperAs a goalkeeper, you are the only player allowed to use your hands to block the ball. Invest in a great pair of gloves and protect your hands! It is one of the most important positions to play in soccer. This position requires you to have a special set of skills, and a different mindset than the rest of your team. From your perspective on the field, you see the whole field – and this allows you to control your defense and set the tone of the game.

The gloves you choose are one of the most important things you will wear.  Make sure you buy finger savers or web gloves. When the ball comes at you really hard, a good pair of gloves won’t let your fingers bend backward. Make sure that you get the soft palm feature, it’s also a good idea to wash them after every game, toss in the drier for five minutes, and put them in a zip lock bag. This will help the gloves stay sticky.( You keepers know what I’m talking about!) Reusch makes great gloves.

Another must-have is a great fitting pair of soccer boots.

Adidas makes some of the best. Adidas Copa Mundial is a model that stands the test of time,
they still make them because it’s one of the best pair styles available. The Copa Mundial cleats/boots are made from very soft leather and a provide a great fit. I retired in my Copa Mundial boots, and they are still a great brand to play in today.

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